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Navigating constant change in today’s global marketplace.
Identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities.
Attracting and retaining top quality talent.
Developing the next generation of leaders.
Building high-performance teams.
Increasing employee engagement.
Embracing new advances in technology.
Maximizing workflow for greater productivity.
Preparing for transitions in leadership or exit plan.

Solutions and Services

Every great athlete has a coach. Top performing executives have coaches. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever received was to hire a coach.


Successful organizations enlist consultants to provide an outside, objective view of current challenges. Consultants also provide a structure to address those challenges and a safe environment to engage key members of the team in the process.


Most training misses the mark due to a lack of actionable follow-up. That's why I build practical, take-home action steps into each session.

Benefits and Outcomes

Partnering with a coach or consultant will accelerate your ability to navigate change, build your team, and deliver exceptional value in today’s challenging business environment. Here are some of the benefits and outcomes you can expect from working with me:

Clarity regarding your underlying purpose and vision, both at and outside of work.
Significant gains in productivity and performance.
Improved communication and relationships.
Enhanced ability to attract, retain, and develop top talent.
Development of strategic thinking and planning skills.
Growth in business development skills.
Increased confidence as a leader, staff developer, and business builder.
Greater personal freedom, fulfillment, and peace of mind.


  • Working with Jon helped me obtain a clearer focus on my workload and priorities. Jon helped me see the need to slow down on the volume of transactional work to spend more time and energy on value-added work, such as strategic planning, goal-setting, and workflow. I enjoy my work more and have become more successful in my role as a result of our coaching sessions.
    John, Health Care CFO, California
  • Jon’s coaching helped me connect what I was working on to the strategic goals of the organization. This helped me not only work on the right things, but be ready to share my work and its importance with leaders. Jon played a key role in my promotion.
    Phil, Corporate Finance Manager, Florida
  • Jon was instrumental in helping me be a more effective and efficient leader, as well as to better equip and empower those under my supervision. From helping me better understand how to structure and run meetings to identifying how my perceptions affect interactions in my work, I couldn’t have asked for a more impactful coaching experience.
    Jeff, Health Care Supervisor, Minnesota
  • Jon helped me shift my focus to “what my vision requires of me today” and if what I am doing is moving me forward to that vision. He helped me come up with action items to keep me focused on my goals. Jon helped me see that there will never be a time when everything is perfect so why not just jump in and get going.
    Candace, Financial Services Executive, Massachusetts
  • My experience with Jon’s leadership coaching was impactful. One of the most helpful aspects of my coaching was working on how to give and received feedback and how to best tailor it to each individual I interact with. Coaching was well worth my time and has given me tools I can implement as I lead others.
    Jena, Health Care Supervisor, Minnesota
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