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Every great athlete has a coach. Top performing executives have coaches. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever received was to hire a coach.


Hiring a coach enhances your ability to navigate change, develop your top talent, build a high-performance team and deliver extraordinary value in today’s challenging global marketplace. Each context is unique but here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with me as your coach:

  • Clarity regarding your underlying purpose and vision, both at and outside of work.

  • Significant gains in productivity and performance.

  • Improved communication and relationships.

  • Enhanced ability to attract and retain top quality talent.

  • Development of strategic thinking and planning skills.

  • Growth in business development skills.

  • Increased confidence as a leader, staff developer and business builder.

  • Greater personal freedom and peace of mind.

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As your coach, I help you work through distractions and obstacles that get in the way of your effectiveness as a leader. Here’s how the process works:


Assessment of your current situation. Using proven assessment tools from RightPath, we’ll identify your top strengths, struggles and blind spots as a leader.


Get clarity around your vision, purpose, values, and goals, both professionally and personally.

Action Plan

Design an action plan to best leverage your strengths, mitigate your struggles, and develop and apply the skills needed to achieve your goals.


Execute the plan through a series of coaching sessions that explore critical challenges, identify underlying factors, develop practical solutions, and provide accountability for taking action. These sessions focus on creating forward momentum and significant impact.

Let’s talk about a coaching plan to help you reach your full potential and develop the next generation of leadership in your organization.


Successful organizations enlist consultants to provide an outside, objective view of current challenges. Consultants also provide structure to address those challenges and a safe environment to engage key members of the team in the process.


I bring a results-oriented approach to consulting by working with leadership to establish important objectives and metrics to measure the success of the engagement. I partner with you on a custom design in response to the following business challenges and needs:

  • 360-Degree Leadership Assessments

  • Team-Building and Alignment

  • Leadership and Staff Retreat Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Process Improvement

  • Succession Planning

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These initiatives are most effective when conducted in an off-site retreat setting. That’s where my camp experience comes in handy, with the ability to design an engagement that includes the right mix of business and fun to build the team and put everyone at ease.


BUILT-IN FOLLOW-UP: All consulting engagements include follow-up at key intervals to ensure that progress made during the project is sustained and determine whether additional measures are needed to reignite that progress.


Let’s talk  about an approach to address your most pressing challenges. Ask about the “One Day Deep Dive,” a one-day, laser-focused approach to tackling a specific need.


Most training misses the mark due to a lack of actionable follow-up. That’s why I build practical, take-home action steps into each session. The following topics are available in formats ranging from conference breakout sessions to full-day workshops. They can be customized for staff development in a business setting.

  • Your Greatest Leadership Challenge: A Look in the Mirror at Self-Leadership

  • Leading in a VUCA World: A New Model for CPA Leaders

  • 360-Degree Leadership: Leading in All Directions

  • CFO, Controller, or Both: How to Wear Multiple Hats and Deliver Exceptional Value

  • Multiply Your Value With Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Staff Development on the Fly: Plan Now to Invest in Your Team During Tax Season

  • The Ticking Time Bomb: Don't Get Caught Without a Succession Plan

  • Leadership and the Knowing-Doing Gap: Break Through to New Levels of Success (Keynote Presentation)

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Beyond these topics, I will work with you to design training sessions or presentations to meet your specific challenges and needs.


Let’s talk about ways to create high impact training for your organization or event.

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